Catchy, brandable domain for the Pop Culture scene!

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A Great Brand Name is your Most Valuable Asset!

Launch your modern pop culture website with this catchy, memorable domain name. A short brand name is easier to remember & that alone will ensure plenty of return website visits. Plus you'll benefit from the most effective form of marketing... word of mouth. Your customers are always looking for ways of identifying, remembering and discussing brands. The right name can be your most valuable asset, setting you apart from the crowd and speeding acceptance of your brand. PopTrue.com is a good fit for a blogger covering the latest in pop culture, music, movies, TV, news and more. Helping your audience find the true stories among all the juicy gossip. Or maybe you'll build PopTrue.com into an AdSense powerhouse. With celebrity clickbait slideshows that we all find ourselves browsing through. "These well-known stars had no idea the camera was still rollling... #12 will shock you!" We get sucked into these profit funnels all the time because generally, we like watching lots of TV & movies and are searching for those exciting tidbits of trivia to astonish our friends! Bottom line, you can make good passive income from these Pop Culture sites and a short brandable name like PopTrue.com will help your endeavor get off on the right foot. And the best part... the price is very affordable! Build your "Pop Scene" empire with PopTrue.com leading the way because without a great name, no one knows who you are.

Benefits of Brandable Domains

Memorable & Unique

Brandable domain names are just easier to remember than their generic keyword alternatives. That will increase the chances that your website will be remembered and your audience will repeat their visit again which helps you build a loyal online customer base!

Professional & Credible

Keyword domains face a lot of competition in search results. By avoiding highly descriptive names, a uniquely branded name can position your business as more credible and professional. When a customer searches your brand, they will find you right at the top of the results.


By choosing a brandable name you won't limit your business to a specific product or service. This will give your business more room to grow and venture out into other products and services. Your business can evolve without having to worry about replacing your domain name.

More Affordable

Generic keyword domains are generally more costly to buy than brandable domain names, mainly due to so many businesses competing for the same name. Choosing a brandable domain can be a lot more affordable with prices starting under $1000 for turnkey brandable domains.

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More About PopTrue.com

Brandable Domain – Brandable domain names are simple, catchy words or phrases that businesses use to build their online identity around. For startups, a unique brandable domain name would be one of your greatest assets when you begin to market your business online.  And once you own the name, no one else can. That’s the beauty.

Unique names pique interest and build trust.
On the Web, image is everything, especially for Millennials who are used to making rapid-fire decisions about a business on their mobile devices. You only have a few seconds to make a solid first impression. Having a unique and creative domain name can go a long way to pique the interest of your visitors and build trust.

Memorable names get more returning visitors.
A brandable premium domain will be much easier to remember. More of your visitors will be able to recall the name and return at a later time.

Startup – Brandable domains are increasingly sought after, because when it comes to naming a company, it’s important to get it right. Businesses have to live with their brand name for as long as the company remains active, so it’s important to give it thought and ensure the best choice.

Brandable domains make your job easier.
When you’re choosing a unique premium domain, you don’t have to spend months thinking of a name and branding it yourself. Instead, you can simply choose the name you like and brand your business around it. It saves you a ton of time, money and creative energy, so you focus on other aspects of your business.

Good names boost credibility.
Savvy Internet users know that short domains don’t come cheap. Having a great domain is clear evidence that you’re a serious business – one that understands the importance of brand value.