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Is it cheaper to purchase train tickets online?

Yes, most often it is cheaper to buy train tickets online. In fact, in order to participate in Saver Fares—the most discounted Train fares—it is almost always required that you purchase your tickets in advance, which is easiest to do online.In general, cheaper prices are based on availability and demand, but do tend to increase as you get closer to your departure date. We recommend that you buy Train Tickets at least two weeks prior to your scheduled departure.

How do you find the cheapest train tickets?

Employ the following tips to find the best deals on train tickets: Use an online booking platform. Sites like allow you to easily compare routes, schedules, and ticket prices to your top destinations at-a-glance, making it easier than ever to spot a good deal. You can also combine train and bus travel into a single route to get to more remote destinations that might not be accessible from most train networks. Travel during less-busy times. To save on train fare, keep in mind the busiest times for train travel are Friday evening and Sunday afternoon. This is when the majority of passengers are departing or returning from weekend getaways. Weekday mornings tend to be more expensive as well, with many commuters in transit to work. To avoid high fares, plan on leaving in the afternoon or evening during the work week. For a weekend trip, mid-morning or early afternoon on Thursday, Friday or Sunday can save you plenty on train fares. Book to nearby stations. In many larger cities, trains will operate out of multiple stations. Use to snag a deal to your next destination by checking “Include nearby locations” in your search. Another tip to find cheaper fares is to board or disembark just outside of the city instead of downtown. From there, you can ride share, taxi, or take public transit into the city to save on the cost of your ticket. Follow along for special deals. If you’re interested in regular updates about low fares and deals on tickets from the network rail lines, follow on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or subscribe to the newsletter. We post regular updates that include cheap train tickets to hundreds of destinations.

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