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Your Rights Are Guaranteed.

Do you have a passion for American freedom? Are you ready to become an active participant in spreading knowledge to citizens regarding their inalienable rights? If so, RightsGranted.com/RightsGranted.org might be the perfect name to represent your vision for your online presence. Help tame the power of state and federal agencies and foster a civil liberties renewal that will help restore Americans’ fundamental rights. The US Constitution guarantees a number of rights and liberties to US citizens. + The right to trial by jury in criminal cases is guaranteed. (Article 3, Section 2) + The citizens of each state are entitled to the privileges and immunities of the citizens of every other state. (Article 4, Section 2) + The requirement of a Writ of habeas corpus may not be suspended except during invasion or rebellion. (Article 1, Section 9) + Neither Congress nor the states can pass a bill of attainder. (Article 1, Section 9) + Neither Congress nor the states can pass ex-post facto laws. (Article 1, Section 9) + No law impairing the obligation of contracts may be passed by states. (Article 1, Section 10) + No religious test or qualification for holding federal office is allowed. (Article 6) + No titles of nobility would be allowed. (Article 1, Section 9)

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More & more Americans are becoming increasingly concerned that their government has strayed from the principles upon which their country was founded. Interest in rights and freedoms guaranteed by the US Constituition and the Bill of Rights will only continue to grow. Help "We The People" discover the rights granted to American citizens, including freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, as well as the right to vote and fair trial. Teach about the protections and privileges that come with being a citizen of the United States and how to exercise their rights in today's society. Owning the name RightsGranted.com and RightsGranted.org will position your online endeavor for strong future growth as this trend plays out. Click the INQUIRE button above to get this 2-for-1 Deal. Spread awareness of the RIGHTS GRANTED to each and every American by securing these keyword domain names for your patriotic business, documentary, or non-profit!

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